#onthelightside Adobe live challenge
I wanted to join in with the drawing challenge that Rachael Presky and Hazel Mead were doing today (2nd Nov 2020) as part of an overall Adobe competition. It was open to all - illustrators, photographers, designers. 
I didn't join because I want to win the prizes, I joined in because it's been a busy couple of weeks and I haven't drawn anything new!

So thinking on the spot - Rachael and Hazel already had their's planned out and started before the hour started - I wanted to do a winter bear, framing the sun with heart shaped hands. Adding a Christmas jumper and woolly hat too - I'm not sure if the hat helped the illustration, but it was good to try out making a picker tool stamp for the knit texture in the hat.

Wintry bear with heart shaped hands framing the sun

Time lapse of wintry bear creation

Whilst I am happy with the result of 90-ish minutes work, if I had more time I would plan it out a bit more! Still, the focus is on that sun 🥰

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