My Christmas Story
Adobe festive challenge
Encouraged by the lovely community over in the Adobe live streams, I have created an illustration to represent my Christmas Story. 

When I was little I was always over excited by Christmas. It was always, and still is, a celebration of lights for me. We had a white tree, that looked like it was a load of bottle brushes stuck together, and multi-coloured lights that even though they didn't flash like the ones today, they still seemed to twinkle. Most years I couldn't sleep. When I was quite small one year, I remember my mum picking me up to show me the lights on our tree. I was mesmerised. I was telling my own kids about this and so this illustration came about.
mother holding child to look at lights on a white Christmas tree
I don't like the blue lights that are around today - they seem to hurt my eyes. But the ones we had on our tree didn't seem to bother me as much!

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