My illustration for the Adobe x Keith Haring competition.
An issue really close to my heart is children’s mental health. Despite living with my own depression, and witnessing one of my children going through it too, I still couldn’t tell you how to get through it. 
When you’re in it, you can’t see anything else. You can’t think anything else. 
Please hold onto to hope though. 
By its definition there is always HOPE.

“Expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen”.

That, and look outwards. 
There is a whole world of joy outside of your head, look for it ❤️
illustration of an adult comforting a young person. Lots of thoughts in both their heads.
Whilst I will usually aim to draw happier illustrations and patterns, I needed to get this out into the world. 

I did find my own happiness in it though - using the Keith Haring brushes was a pleasure to work with. In Fresco, of course!

Time lapse video of creating the illustration

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