Character design to Toy development
I like doing courses, especially when they push me further than I would push myself without them. One of those kinds of courses are the Make Art That Sells courses. I have done quite a few of them in my journey to find the place for my art, but one of my favourite courses is when it's based around creating characters, and then toys!!! 
I'm currently doing their Character Bootcamp which is a slower paced introduction. I took part in their Toy Pitch course last year and loved it so much that I wasn't ready to stop. They are running a new one from March 7th 2022 (if you're reading this before then you could still get a place!) On the bootcamp we were given a text to help us understand our character, in this case a doughnut called Coco Moloko (created by author Zoe Tucker) and then encouraged to think about that character as a plush toy.
I totally (intentionally??!) misread the brief and believed we had to make our plush.... so I did!
I'm looking forward to what we do next month!

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