Vision for 2022
The beginning of a new year is always a good time to look to the future - what do I want to achieve, what will this year bring, etc?

I'm a big believer in visualising your goals, and I have 'sat' on this one long enough. I want to have one of my books published by the end of the year. And whilst self publishing isn't my first thought, if that's the route I'll have to take, it's the route I'll take! I would prefer to work with a publisher because editors and art directors are awesome people who know their stuff. I don't. I just draw!

Back to my visualisation - rather than writing down my goal, I drew myself at book signing.... of my published books, in a book store, complete with my soft toys on the shelves too! Let's see how far I get...
a queue of children waiting to have their books signed
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